Corporate Mentalist and Hypnotist

"Rave reviews from everyone..."

"Brought the audience together in laughter..."

"Best show we've ever had..."

Arthur Fratelli


"A unique shared experience that nobody will forget."

Omaha Hypnotist Arthur Fratelli

Corporate Mentalist Extraordinaire

Book Professional Corporate Mentalist Arthur Fratelli when you want professional entertainment that:

  • Excites the audience
  • Is appropriate in any venue
  • Is fun for audience from 10 to 1000.
  • Is corporate-appropriate.

Your guests will thank you for giving them something new and different.


Arthur has entertained all over the country and in front of countless thousands of people and some of the biggest companies in the country Kellogg's, Verizon, Pfizer, Chi Health, Monsanto and hundreds more.


As an event planner, you get one chance to make a lasting impression. Setup a  presentation by Mentalist Arthur Fratelli today.

As a mentalist, Arthur knows your guests will be talking about the experience for years. You won’t find a better top motivational corporate speaker anywhere in USA.

Corporate Event Expert

Professional Corporate Mentalist and Hypnotist

Looking for something new and different that will make a lasting impression on your audience? Professional Corporate Mentalist Arthur Fratelli brings a first-class presentation that excites the audience and is nothing short of absolutely amazing.

As a mentalist and hypnotist Arthur has an uncanny ability to read minds and influence decisions. You don't just watch this presentation, you become a part of the experience.

An energetic showman, Arthur reveals birth dates, names of pets and children, important dates and thoughts known only to members of the audience.

Arthur keeps the trade show and speaking entertainment moving as he dramatically divines a word chosen at random from a book, even a phone number from a phone book, plants a word in an audience member's mind, knows the day you were born, can convince you you've read a book that you've never seen and demonstrates the “power of suggestion” by predicting the decisions several audience members will make.

In short, as a professional corporate mentalist, Arthur will AMAZE you.

Omaha magician in Kearney Nebraska

An enthusiastic and professional mentalist, Arthur specializes in corporate events entertainment throughout country.


It’s NOT a magic show!

Psychological planting, an ability to interpret people’s micro-expressions & body language, and years of experience are the framework for this jaw dropping show.

This is something unique, that you haven’t seen this before.

Right from the beginning, when professional corporate mentalist Arthur steps on the stage, the entire audience will be mesmerized and amazed…

An unforgettable experience.

Arthur Fratelli, professional hypnotist and mentalist, is an expert in performing in front of any type of crowd. Corporate parties, trade shows, banquets, or award ceremonies. His performance is a high energy, interactive, mind blowing, show that is clean enough for your grandparents, but intelligent enough for the national MENSA meeting.

Arthur claims no paranormal powers. By the end of the show you will be convinced he does.









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