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Arthur Fratelli


An energetic performer, comedy mentalist Arthur Fratelli is in constant demand at corporate events all over the country.

This is NOT a magic show.

Psychological planting, an uncanny ability to read people's micro-expressions and body language, a quick wit and YEARS of performing form the framework for this mind blowing show.

This is NOT like any show you have ever seen.


From the moment Arthur takes the stage the audience is transfixed, baffled and awestruck...then it gets good.


This is NOT something you will forget.


Company parties, banquets, trade shows, awards ceremonies, or as an emcee, Arthur is adept at performing for any crowd in any venue. His show is clean enough for your grandparents, but intelligent enough for the national MENSA meeting.

Arthur claims no paranormal or psychic powers. At the end of the show you will be convinced he does.










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