Corporate Mentalist and Hypnotist



Hiring the right entertainer for your company events is vital to its success. Bring in a speaker who does exactly what you’d hoped for – and more – and people will compliment you for months. Of course, if you don’t, you might never hear the end of it.

Corporate Mentalist The Amazing Arthur Fratelli is in constant demand at corporate events across the country. Corporate Mentalist Arthur Fratelli impresses your guests with intriguing, mind blowing routines, hilarious comedy, a dynamic personality, and clever audience interaction. Corporate Mentalist The Amazing Arthur is the perfect entertainer for corporate events.

Arthur customizes his jokes around your company and includes your audience in every performance. Everyone feels like an important part of the show. With properly prepared and tailored acts, Arthur fully coordinates with the hosts and makes the evening worthwhile. His extraordinary combination of entertainment ability, purpose, and passion creates a highly-energized and enjoyable event. You’ll be AMAZED.

The wholesome humor, amazing effects and a funny yet appropriate approach encourages audience participation from every age and taste. If you are a youngster, an executive or a grandpa, he will leave you gasping for air.

All aspects of Arthur’s performances are top notch. He knows the right moves to hold your attention and keeps you hooked with spellbinding routines and quick one-liners to leave you laughing like crazy. Arthur’s shows are upbeat, professional and family friendly. So the next time your company needs some fresh air and the employees need a light evening, contact  Arthur and turn your event into an AMAZING success!


Omaha hypnotist, magician, and mentalist Arthur Fratelli specializes in corporate events and travels the country presenting.


If you want to put on a serious event, you need to send a signal to your attendees that you are a professional. How do you do that? By hiring a professional emcee. It sets the tone for the event and elevates the expectations.

There are only TWO things people will remember about the night.

#1. The Food
#2. The Presentation

Would you go to  a fast food drive thru to server your guests? Then why would you skimp when it comes to your entertainment?

You need someone that can build rapport with audience, be the face of the event, create the tone for the evening. In short playing the role of captain.
That's exactly what Arthur does.

Trade Shows...

Using his crowd building skills, mentalism, comedy and a dynamic personality, Arthur focuses on driving foot traffic to your sales team and promoting your service or product.
He can seamlessly incorporate your company message into his performance.
The idea behind his trade show entertainment is to leave attendees with a memorable impression of your booth and company.

Arthur is not just there to entertain, he is there to grab attention, turn potential clients over to your team and repeat.
Arthur can sculpt a custom message and tailor the entertainment to exactly what you need.


Arthur has presented his comedy mentalism show for some prestigious companies.    This is a partial client list.


















Arthur claims no paranormal or psychic powers. At the end of the show you will be convinced he does.









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